Boston Red Sox want you to trust the facts, get the COVID-19 vax

Sports NewsApril 20, 2021

The Red Sox sent a tweet urging fans to trust the facts and to receive one of the available COVID-19 vaccines. 

2021 brought the return of a full MLB season. That was thanks to the reality of a vaccine being widely available in the fight against COVID-19.

Teams are now starting to get vaccinated and that includes the Boston Red Sox. Some organizations may shy away from discussing the vaccine. The Red Sox, however, did the right thing and implored fans to trust the facts and get vaccinated.

Red Sox promote the COVID-19 vaccine

Showing players getting the vaccine is a great way to promote its safety. While many out there may laugh at the idea of openly avoiding the vaccine, there are those who do have fears about it. That is why it is good for professional athletes to back its safety and effectiveness.

MLB is allowing teams to loosen COVID-19 protocols if at least 85% of those deemed “Tier 1” individuals get the vaccine. That should be something players and staff can get behind after playing 2020 under such strict health and safety rules.

Players and staff getting the vaccine also prevents teams from having their week or month derailed by positive tests. As for fans, it means more people in the ballpark.

Individuals around the world have the right to refuse the vaccine. But the only way to get past the pandemic is for vaccine rates to go up and it is inspiring to see the Red Sox send out this message. More teams should follow while also giving a shoutout to the health care workers who have been heroes throughout the past year.

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